Preparing for online interviews and virtual communication

We all are new to the world of remote working and most of us are still adjusting to the actuality of effective virtual communication while under COVID-19 lockdown. For job seekers, this means tackling through prospect job opportunities through of video interviews.

Interviews in itself have been discomforting enough and now it present with whole new set of challenges with video interviews.

We have tried to list down few things that can help you to be better prepared for you next video job interview.

1. Ice breakers

Video interviewing is as new to the interviewers as its to you. So there is no harm sharing the COVID situation and relax the environment a bit. It will help you get to know about your interviews and reduce the awkwardness.

2. Download the video conferencing app and set up

Its important that you download the video conferencing app before the interview and familiarize your self with the tool. Everyone understand that we all are new to this video interviewing world but being prepared always gives a good impression. You do not want to reschedule the interview because you can not get the application to work. Allow yourself enough time to get help if needed before the interview starts to get you set up.

3. Check your background

We all know that you will be interviewing from home but its important to make sure you have you space and check your surroundings during the interview. You do not want to get distracted and want full attention of the interviewer. Its best to get some isolation with clear background to avoid any interruptions. Few video conferencing application also allow you to blur the background and that can be a good feature to use during an interview.

4. Dress for an Interview

Professional dress code is expected for a video interview as well. Dress up as you would for a walk-in interview. Every employer expects you to be professional and take the job seriously even though you are working from home and the video interview is the first step towards showing you can deliver expected results while working from home.

6. Know about the Company and person you are interviewing with.

Research about the Company and your interviewer on LinkedIn and Company website. Do not want for the interviewer to share information. Also keeping some questions handy based on the role your applying or any recent news about the Company, reflects interest and confidence. 

7. Be crisp.

Do not get carried away when answering questions during a video interview because we don’t feel as much pressure as we would feel if we were sitting down in the same room with the recruiter or hiring manager. Keep yourself in check, and try not to ramble when you’re answering a question. If you feel yourself starting to go off on a tangent, stop, apologize, and ask for a few seconds to recollect your thoughts.

8. Keep notes

During a video interview you have the liberty of checking on any key notes that you want to make sure you put forward in an interview. Although looking at your notes to often may not be a very good ideal. But take advantage of the situation by writing down a few talking points you want to make sure you don’t forget. Stick them on your laptop screen or camera, and don’t be afraid to take a peek now and then.

Although interviewing from home can be daunting but its also a great opportunity to work with employers that you might have missed due to geographical barriers and it’s a more cost effective means as well. So we hope you will make the most out of this COVID situation and feel more confident in your next video interview.

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