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If you are looking for an on-site or remote job, we can help you expand your job search and help you to find the right role for you. We are not any regular placement company. We provide services which will help you advance in your career. Our staffing experts elevate your profile to suitable employers and give you a platform, to work closely with your hiring managers through our open communication system.
We adapt based on your needs and are devoted to keep you working in a healthy and safe environment. We are adding new remote jobs every day that allow you to work from home using your computer or laptop and a portable WiFi device. Let us find the right job for you today.

Candidate Support

Resume Writing

The main objective of your resume is to get you in front of a interviewer (company). It is very important to choose your content wisely. Make sure your CV reflects your key skill set, experience, and other information that the reader may need to make a hiring decision. The ideal resume will reflect the facts about you.    

Interview Preparation

Interview is the process to know more about the company and candidate. First we develop a relationship with the company to thoroughly under their culture and role needs. This is essential  prior and post selection of candidate. Once we select a candidate that best fits the role, we equip them with all the necessary tools to ultimately have a successful interview.

Employee Benefits

At AlltechLiquids We believe is proving our employees with  best benefit plans that they  deserve. We review our policies and plan periodically to provide you with  best care options. 

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) 

A flexible spending account (FSA) is a tax-honored financial account which allows employees to set aside a portion of their earnings to pay for qualified expenses as per the FSA Guidelines for medical and dependent care expenses. Money deducted from an employee's pay checks and deposited into an FSA is not subject to payroll taxes, resulting in substantial payroll tax savings. Please contact AlltechLiquids representative to know more.

Employee Bonus Referral Program

All AlltechLiquids client serving employees are eligible to participate in referring future employees for any client serving open position. Any full or part-time position that has been posted on the AlltechLiquids website is eligible for $500 - $1000 depending upon the position. Referral should complete an Employee Referral Form and submit it with the details of the preferred candidate. Only candidates referred from external sources qualify for the bonus. Anyone who has worked for AlltechLiquids within the past 12 months does not qualify as bonus eligible candidates. This includes regular, student, as well as employees working at AlltechLiquids through a temporary agency or as an independent consultant. All bonuses are paid after the employee has worked for 90 consecutive business days with AlltechLiqudis. Both you and the new employee must have active employment at the time of the bonus payment.

401(k)- Retirement

We offer a 401(k) plan to all eligible employees.  401(k) plan is a type of employee and employer funded retirement plan in the United States A 401(k) plan allows employees to save for retirement while deferring income taxes on the saved money or earnings until withdrawal. The employee can elects to have a portion of their wages paid directly into a 401(k) account. In participant-directed plans (the most common option), the employee can select from a number of investment options, usually an assortment of mutual funds that emphasize stocks, bonds, money market investments, or some mix of the above. The employee can generally re-allocate money among these investment choices at any time. Investment to 401K is discretion of the employee and employees are suggested to read and go through the guidelines of the investment. Please contact AlltechLiquids representative to know more.

Health and Medical Insurance

AlltechLiquids offer health, dental and vision benefits to qualified employees and their dependents in US. We offer a affordable medical PPO plan. Our plan provides you access to a large group of medical facilities and doctors across the United States. Please contact AlltechLiquids representative for details.


AlltechLiquids is a technology company with equal employment opportunity irrespective of nationality. We hire individuals with great skills and see them as industry leaders of tomorrow in the ever changing world of technology.
We are a team of best technology consultant with a capable team including members from all over the world and different Visa and immigration status. Based on our client and project requirements we work with candidates that need Visa sponsorship. We have a dedicated immigration Attorney and HR personal to manage all immigration related matters. 
Being a global employer, we understand that it is important that our immigration policy and procedures are clearly reflective of current rules and regulations and are structured in as organization based on current immigration law and regulations. It is also extremely important for us that our employees feel confident in get all their needs and concerns are addressed timely as per the country’s immigration law.

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