How Alltech Liquids is adapting to Hiring and onboarding For the Future of Employment

The modern economy is anything but static, and many contemporary companies have had to radically alter how they employ and hire people due to the coronavirus pandemic which has forced many businesses to shift online and adopt digital alternatives to traditional practices. One company that has successfully managed a transition to this more digital age, and serves as a good example for others, We at AllTechLiquids hves adapted remarkably well to contemporary trends and prepared for the future of employment.

What is The Future of Employment?

Due to the rise of modern technology: the internet and modern computers, most traditional on-site occupations and tasks have either been entirely automated or have been shifted to remote alternatives. The coronavirus pandemic has further accelerated this trend by forcing businesses to adopt digital alternatives and obviate traditional on-site occupations.

Since the pandemic has necessitated modern businesses to close, or at the least reduce, the operations of their on-site locations in order to prevent the disease’s spread. As a result, as many tasks possible have been shifted online to keep up the productivity, help in job creation and keep the economy running. This has had the effect of drastically raising the importance of technological familiarity for any occupation, changing the entire process of employment and the priorities which employers use to judge potential hires.

How has Alltech Liquids Responded to These Trends?

 Alltech Liquids recognizes that the modern workplace requires a more dynamic approach to the processes of training, onboarding and carrying out daily work activities.  The company has made all of the following changes and improvements with the ultimate priority of maintaining the quality of its training programs and maximizing employee wellbeing and productivity.

Adopting Virtual Solutions

At Alltech Liquids we have made an executive decision to halt all in-person training and onboarding operations and shifted them to the digital realm.  This has involved the adoption of software for the completion of basic training purposes such as the use of zoom for communication between new employees and online checklists for providing basic information that would otherwise be transmitted verbally on-site.

The adoption of digital telecommunication software has allowed the company to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining the same level of quality with respect to employee training and no compromise on employee instruction is experienced at any level.

Specific Remote-Work Policies

Laptops and Welcome Packages

AlltechLiquids recognizes that the importance of having adequate access to computing facilities is paramount for the completion of remote tasks, and we recognize that naturally, people will tend to have different available qualities of computers with them, so we have provided welcome packages along with company laptops to new hires so that all employees have access to appropriate facilities.

All employees also participate in weekly regional calls to welcome new hires, provide them with training and assist employees with adjusting to their new workplace.

Digital Replication

AlltechLiquids has replicated all of its traditional on-site training activities digitally so that all employees receive training through digital mediums. From the most complicated high-level management positions to relatively more beginner positions have had their training manuals digitized, all formal training programs have been recorded and converted to digital formats and all administrative officials have been instructed on how to provide training online.

Multiple Focused Training Sessions

The company has made the decision to provide new hires who have not yet had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the company’s corporate culture and norms to obtain a better understanding of the company’s values and traditions through relying on collaboration and virtual communication technology tools intended to mimic in-office interactions.

The Importance of Preventing Isolation

We understands that a modern company should be a socially optimized entity that allows people to feel connected as members of a community and to experience the comradery that comes with working as members of a collective entity with shared goals and values.

To help our employees receive these experiences despite working remotely, we have prepared formal channels for our teams to interact with one another and maintain professional relationships virtually so that no employees feel isolated. Isolation is one of the major reasons often cited by employees for being detrimental for successful transitions to remote working.

Leadership and Team-Building

Charismatic leadership and proper team-building exercises are an absolute must for any company and while it is not possible to conduct training seminars in person or to conduct traditional team-building exercises, we have invested the greatest of effort to replicate these activities virtually.

Some of the activities that we has completed for the welfare of its employees have been to conduct leadership speeches, happy and a plethora of online team-building exercises. The ultimate priority of these activities has been to provide motivation to new hires, familiarize them with the values of the company and allow them to receive experiences conducive for improving productivity, morale and overall satisfaction with their employment.

The Challenges Faced

Shifting to an online business environment within such a short period of time, and to replace the in-person experience with online alternatives was never a deliberate policy on the part of the company. However, it became necessary to do so in view of contemporary circumstances and on-going trends.

While we recognizes that the value of an in-person experience cannot be easily replicated to an online alternative, the company still recognizes the sheer importance of adapting to changing circumstances and being able to thrive in them.

We has also had a steep learning with respect to employee training processes, the company has still been able to make tremendous advances in improving and adapting to the new situation.

Contemporary trends have forced most businesses to consider moving away from traditional on-site practices with respect to employee training and hiring. While this transition has brought some challenges, it has still been possible for some companies such as AlltechLiquids to successfully manage it through intelligently designed digital training programs and prioritizing employee wellbeing.

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