Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer

• Partner on the design the next implementation of Mastercard secure, global data and insight architecture, building new Stream processing capabilities and operationalizing “Unified Data Acquisition and Processing (UDAP) platform”

• Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks either proactively

• Work with the customer support group as needed to resolve performance issues in the field

• Explore automation opportunity and develop tools to automate some of the day to day operations tasks

• Provide performance metrics and maintain dashboards to reflect production systems health

• Conceptualize and implement proactive monitoring where possible to catch issues early

• Experiment with new tools to streamline the development, testing, deployment, and running of our data pipelines.

• Work with cross functional agile teams to drive projects through full development cycle.

• Help the team improve with the usage of data engineering best practices.

• Collaborate with other data engineering teams to improve the data engineering ecosystem and talent within Mastercard.

• Creatively solve problems when facing constraints, whether it is the number of developers, quality or quantity of data, compute power, storage capacity or just time.

• Maintain awareness of relevant technical and product trends through self-learning/study, training classes and job shadowing.

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